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I thinked if the 777ER from x plane 10 ever get added in x plane 11 like so it is compatible? That would be awsomme also i have trouble with the activation for many paywere aircraft i bought of the x plane site. So it will be nice to have a default 777ER coming to x plane 11 with 3d cockpit graphic turned up to x plane 11 graphics also would it be possible to add ed cockpit to the default B52? Because i never use the KC-10 and the B52 NEVER Because there is no 3d cockpit i want some HIGH RES in these cockpits! I Hope This Will Get Added In A Future Update! Im Wating for you liminar!!!

From Marco A Pro Flight Simmer!

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Hi Marco,

You know where I am from and located.

Laminar Research is not in the market of developing aircraft.  As said previously in other postings their objective is developing XP software and not add-on aircraft.

If the aircraft you have a particular interest in was supplied with XP10 and you are seeking to have it within XP11 then try loading the relevant file into Plane Maker and save the file as a XP11 aircraft.  I understand this will work.  I have also seen when starting X-Plane and selecting aircraft there is a "check box" that allows older version aircraft to be installed and or recognised..

If and when XP12 is released your aircraft may make the list.  Otherwise your only option at this stage is to go with 3rd party add-on from an independent supplier/provider.

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Thanks for the info. I dont have x plane 10 so i cant do it. Do you know if there is any place i can download the 777 from x plane 10 to x plane 11? Is a download even possible for this x plane 10 plane??? Because that will be AWSOMME!
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XP10 is available as a download package from Laminar Research which can be found at

However before you make the financial commitment why not ask your latest question directly with Laminar at [email protected] for a definative answer.  If no response send me a private message and I will give you the names of my contacts within Laminar.