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Would X-Plane ever think of using Google Cardboard as a 3d display? (To be able to look around cockpit, outside,etc.). I just bought View-Master's equivalent of Google Cardboard and it occurred to me it might be cool to be able to use this with X-plane. Just thinking. Might have to tether the cell phone in the Google Cardboard to the computer via either Bluetooth or a USB cable so as to be able to still use  a mouse because one could hardly use a keyboard with the Google Cardboard in front of your face .


Lorne Wilkins

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I don't work for Laminar and certainly can't speak for them but this thread from May 2015 appears to be the most recent official word on the subject, implying "some day" at least to the extent it becomes possible to generalise between that and Rift...? I too have Cardboard and wish the news was better, but I can understand that the tech is, even now a year on from those comments, still in flux and hard to work with. For example, Google Daydream was just announced.