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my friend and I wanted to do an airshow in x-plane 11 which involved formation flying.  We had never done formation flying so we were going to practice today.  But then the multiplayer started acting up for example we were at KAVX which is on a island so we called each other and started the flight and then we were both in the flight or were we?  What I mean is that I was parked at the gate but he says that I am floating like 10 feet off the ground and when I looked around to see were he was well he was not any were!! though he said he was right in front of me.  We could use the chat box and we could see each other on the map but that was all.  So we tried a different airport like KLAX.  He was on runway 7R and I was on 7L.  Then what we saw was very confusing because on my screen I saw only his tail sticking out of the runway but he said he was on the ground.  He also said that I was still floating.  Its almost like a sea saw.  My friend said that if he tookoff then every thing might be normal so we went full power then released the parking break on go.  We thought that every thing would go normal but no.  It was almost like he had 2 times as more power and acceleration as me.  Its is impossible to do formation flying with all these problems so can someone please help?

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Brenden, Hi

I often fly together with my buddy in the X-Plane network.
It isn't really a peer to peer network, but it does work in most aspects.
Height will likely be because 1 of you has sloped runways selected and one has not.
Individual Liveries are not swapped. You'll both end up in the same..
You can't run (or can't start, in some cases) other network apps which "steal" the connection.
These include xsquawkbox, Ivap, Swift, Live Traffic and likely others I don't know...

I hope this helps
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Thank a lot I think your right about the sloping runways but I have one more small question.  Next to where you put the IP address there is this thing called port what does that do?
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You both need to tell your routers to "allow" communication through a particular port. (Is it 69010 and 69001 ?)
Open your router using   in your browser. The password is likely on the bottom of the unit. Find port forwarding (often in Security), and add a rule for each port. Choose both UDP and TCP

Good luck
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How do you disable sloped runways?
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Settings/General Untick, Runways follow terrain contours