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I started X-Plane 10 as usual today, and find I have NO SOUND from it.  I have sound from every other application on my Mac except for X-Plane 10.  I have already checked the audio settings using Audio/MIDI Setup as well as the  Sound portion of System Preferences.  Again, X-Plane 10 is the ONLY app that has no sound.  Also, I have already tried deleting Plugins in X-Plane 10 one at at time with no change... still no sound.  I have rebooted, unplugged & plugged back in the Mac; still no sound from X-Plane  No engines, no brake sounds, no weather sounds... all dead.  It is decidedly NOT my Mac or sound card as there are no issues with any other app.... using the newest model Mac Pro.  Did not change any settings in X-Plane 10... it seems to have just decided to quit producing audio.  Any suggestions? I'm a Mac Tech and can already tell you it is NOT an issue with the Mac.  Any help getting the audio to work in X-Plane 10 will be greatly appreciated.  Again... sound quit seemingly without cause.

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Hi mendykasr,

Since you've already tried removing plugins, I have two other things to try:

1. Delete or move the Preferences folder and restart X-Plane to restore defaults.

2. Run the installer and pick Update to have it find and repair any missing or corrupted sound files.
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thanks jroberts your suggestion worked