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Sound has worked for months running X-Plane through both speakers and headphones. Still works from other sources but not X-Plane. In  Environment, Settings, Sound, everything is checked and audio levels set to levels that worked before.

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I highly recommend re-running your X-Plane Installer. This will scan through all files in the X-Plane 10 and, hopefully, will detect missing, corrupt, or modified root files. It is possible, if this is not your operating system, that some audio file has been corrupted in association to X-Plane 10.

Your easiest and best bet would be to run the installer, selecting the "Update/Repair" button.

If this does not solve your problem, please post a copy of your log.txt as soon as you exit X-Plane.

Hope this helped! If this solves your problem, make sure to checkmark it as the answer!
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I did rerun the installer which reported everything was up to date.  Ever since upgrading to 10.5 I'm getting an alert window at start-up; "wrong IP address: No NIC with this address found!".  Could this be causing my problem?
Since asking my original question I found that switching between sound sources (speaker or headphones) causes x-plane to lose sound.  Only by re-starting x-plane, sound will return on the device that was working before I switched.
Bug in ver. 10.5?
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Oh, I did not catch on that you were switching audio devices!

Yes, sometimes Windows mishandles the switching of devices, and thus no sound will be produced when switching in-game. In my experiences, I also believe this may be a handling issue associated with X-Plane, not just 10.5x.

As for the "Wrong IP Address" message, are you using XPUIPC? If so, you entered the wrong IP address into the configuration file, or your IP address has changed. Make sure to check your IP address:

and type it correctly into its respective location in the XPUIPX.ini file (I believe that is the title).

This thread may give some insight: (this thread solves your problem, and also goes into the art of the IP address).
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Thank you, JoeFlyer15!  I’m finally rid of that annoying message every time I run x-plane.  The IP address somehow changed when updating to 10.5.  That’s about as deep into the bowels of x-plane I’ve ever been; couldn’t have done it without your help.
As far as the sound problem; knowing it’s either Windows 10 or x-plane (or both) I’ll live with it until it’s finally fixed by updates or a new version.
For now, the rule is select headphones or speaker BEFORE starting x-plane.
Thanks again!