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Running XP11.35r1 on MacPro 10.14.6. Have CH products FLight Sim Yoke, Throttle Quad, and pro pedals. Issue started about two weeks ago. I had been able to use all three at the same time. However, now I can only use one at a time. All three are recognized in XP11 when plugged in by themselves. When I plug a second device in, nothing happens. Very frustrating. Any advice would be welcomed

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Hi dnorris,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

I am not a Mac user but a windows user running X-Plane on a purpose built PC.

In reading your question you have indicated that XP recognises your hardware.  My presumption is you have correctly configured your individuall hardware items through X-Plane and not by using the software supplied with the product.. If you haven't, then they will definately not work.

How are you connecting your hardware items?  Through a USB hub?  Is it powered?  Have a good look at the following link found at  from MIchael Brown.  Consider the message he gives about the use of a USB hub and the power supply and forget about the product(s) he uses.