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I want to take an ultra light pilot  or PPL course. To ease things I'd like to take some "lessons" using X-Plane 11 in VR.

What's the recommended controller hardware for PC machines, utilizing Oculus Rift? I'm looking for pedals and a stick.

Are there elaborated ultra light models available? Are there elaborated, small German airports available?

Your answers are appreciated.

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Pretty much any USB hardware will work with X-Plane, so we don't have any particular recommendations for joysticks, yokes, etc. If you can find one that's similar to what you'll be using in your real world training, that will help you the most. Budget is another important factor. :)

X-Plane 11.20 includes the Aerolite. Search on the Gateway for the airport you are looking for. If the artist is "WEDbot" it will most likely only be runways & a single (probably inaccurate) taxiway. Some airports have had volunteers improve them, but not all of them.