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Never had tris problem before, tried reinstalling this area, but always stops working at that waypoint.

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Hi Henrygriffits,

If this crash seems to be very specific like that, please check and see if you have any custom scenery that may be causing the issue. Check the end of the log.txt file--there may be a note on what caused the crash. 

If you have exact steps that cause the crash every time, you can file a bug report here. Please be as detailed as possible and attach the log.txt file from immediately after the crash.

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Thank you for helping me with this problem. It is something to do with the Palma de Mallorca  addon custom scenery. I removed the scenery and the flight plan worked perfectly. I downloaded and installed the scenery again but unfortunately the same problem occurred again, it's a shame as the scenery is great for freeware. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? Many thanks again, maybe you have a trick for me.


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You could let the scenery developer know about the issue and how to recreate it. They may be willing to fix their work, but unfortunately many times we also see these scenery packs get released and then never updated. :(
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Hi Support, thanks again for your answer, shame about the scenery not functioning perfect but you have solved the problem, many thanks, I am very grateful.