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It is possible to play a pre-recorded flight or something, where I could basically sit in a passenger seat from take-off to landing?  I tried researching a bit but didn't know exactly what I was searching for in this case.


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Hi sdan,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Have a look at the following link found at and select your flight.  It may meet your needs.

Good luck.


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I am not quite sure what you meant by playing a “pre-recorded flight or something”.  One X-Plane 11 feature comes to mind is the “Let A.I. Flies Your Aircraft” option.   In which you can start from an airport gate, sit back, and X-Plane will do the rest.  During the flight, you can place yourself in the passenger seat, or move your view about to any internal or external view.

X-Plane’s Replay feature is available and you can choose and move your view during playback.  However, the segment is not recorded (not stored).  Other than that, X-Plane has a Video Recording feature.  You can playback the recorded video file, but is not interactive during the playback.  

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First start a flight at any airport.  Then open the cockpit door and move to a passenger seat.  Press control+1 on your numeric keypad to save that view.  Next save the flight that you want to replay, then load it.  press 1 on your numeric keypad to set the view.

I hope this will help.