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I just cant to update my sim by X-Plane Installer. Installer running by Administrator Rights.

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Hi AshenOne

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but HTTP Error 503 (Service Unavailable), usually means just that i.e. the server cannot handle the request (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). 

Generally this is a temporary state, so maybe you should try later.


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3 days already can not update, at a time when colleagues from my region can.

My logs(install log and X-Plane folder log):

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Hi again

I've had a look at your XP11 Installer Log.txt file and it appears that there were four attempts at installing the software, but after each occasion the following message was logged:- 

Download failed with http error: 503 for URL

There was nothing of any significance noted in the other log file, which actually seems to be for the XP11 Plane Maker app and not for XP11 itself!

In general terms, the recommended place to install XP11 is on the PC's desktop, but it works perfectly well if you install it onto you main local hard drive. In this case, I note that you are installing to your D: drive, where as your DVD ROM is on the E: drive.

From this, I gather that your original XP11 installation was from the DVD set and that you had DVD disk No.1 in the DVD ROM drive ready for the install.

Consequently, the only other question I can ask is, do you have any anti-virus software or firewall that could be preventing XP11 from accessing your system?


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I've just noted also that you were trying to update to the latest XP11.40b3 release.

Try the installer again without checking the beta box, just to see if the same thing happens?

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No, I only have the basic Windows 10 antivirus (I tried to turn it off, but it didn't help).

Without checking the beatbox also does not work.
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In my second post you will see a URL http:// address highlighted in blue.

I have just clicked on this and was able to download the file that the message refers to.

What happens if you click on the same blue highlighted URL?
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It doesn't work for me. Error, this URL could not be received.

 (101) Network is unreachable

p.s. but with VPN in my browser i also downloaded .zip file.

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Presumably you have some sort of router that connects your PC to the network?

If you do, there is likely to be a firewall of some description that could be blocking XP11 from contacting outside world, which only a VPN could circumvent? Might be worth looking at?

Are you having any issues with other applications or connection with the internet in general, in terms of downloading content?

Could you take your PC to a friends house and use their hard wired home network, just to see how things go then?

Sorry, running out of ideas now :-(

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Other problems particularly not find, all works. I also ran out of ideas, I will try to solve the problem myself or just wait.smiley

Thank you very much for trying to help!