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I recently got a new laptop and wanted to install the 8 disk DVD version of Xplane 11 Global Edition but I lost or misplaced disk 5. Can I get a replacement disk for the game to complete the series and if so how and where can I obtain it. Thank you, Steve.

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Hi Steve,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

You will not get an answer from Laminar in this forum.  Yes you can get a replacement dvd 5 but you need to contact Laminar direct starting at [email protected]  There will be a fee for the disc and also for postage.

BUT, but, but, in the meantime try this solution.  It works as I have done it on my general use laptop for a specific reason.  

  • Download the digital version X-Plane installer file from Laminar's website.  It is exactly the same as the DVD version.
  • Run the file and subsequently Install the software.  During the installation select what scenery you want.
  • At this stage unless you are an experienced X-Plane user DO NOT EVER tick the relevant box asking if you want to download the current XP11.40 Beta version.  Beta versions are used by experienced flight simmers to assist in the development of newer version updates. 
  • At this stage insert disc 1 into your DVD drive
  • Start X-Plane.
  • During the boot-up process you will be asked if you have a digital version which requires the product key.  Answer NO.
  • You will then be asked if you have a disc version.  Answer yes.
  • If you fail to answer the questions accordingly, when asked, X-Plane will tell you that you will be running a demo version. 
  • At this stage remember to say NO for the beta version.

Good luck.


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Hi Steve,

What did you eventually do to solve your problem?