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While awaiting the DVDs to come in, I'm using the trial version.

I load the Cessna C172 and take off from Seatle but, when trying to configure my pro pedals, the right travel for yaw is only about 30% from center and full travel left of center.  All other controllers have no problems.

I used the Calibrate function and even tried to change the profile to no avail.

Anything else I should do?  Artificially move the pedal right while it calculates it's center position?
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Does the calibration graphic show the pedal is producing full movement?

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Nope.  I moved the peddle further to the right while clicking on the center button (when it says to let the control center) so it's artificially centered.
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Hi gphantom,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.  

You have not indicated how you have calibrated your hardware.  X-Plane is unlike all other "flight sim" packages and "shoot-em-up" games.  The hardware has to be setup within X-Plane.  Not even through your operating system.  No other way.  Not even using the software provided with the hardware product.

If you don't you will encounter user problems.

Have a read of the user manual found at and more specifically read the manual (Chapter 4) at

If you find that is difficult to follow then have a look at a number of YouTube videos produced by Michael Brown found at  and more specifically view

Fortunately Michael deals with the CH Yoke in the second reference, consider the message and methodology.  View the video several times to fully comprehend what you need to do.  If you scroll through MIchael's videos you will find other calibration videos as well.

Who is Michael Brown?  Other than a good mate of Austin Meyer, MIchael runs a business called XForcePC that builds "specific purpose" PCs.  His builds are predominantly for X-Plane. His business is recommended by Laminar as the only supplier of PCs suitable for X-Plane  within the USA.

In the calibration process you need to ensure you do not assign two or more buttons or levers to the one process or alternatively two or more processes to the one button or lever.  If you accidently do then you will definately have user problems.

However before you start any calibration process within X-Plane you need to ensure you have totally and cleanly removed any software remnants of the hardware software supplied with your product installed on your PC,  Then place the software DVDs on the shelf never to be used again.  If your product was another brand I would tell you to dig a hole, back fill and plant some grass seed over the hole never to be found again.

Good luck in the recalibration process.