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Alright so i bought xplane 11 through but i never received the product key. Can you help with this i have a photo and an order number from their site. I contacted support but they arent helping and are taking a long time to respond. So the product key should be in the “my account” section of but i dont have it there it just says vergeben i also didnt receive an email that had the key. Please help thx

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You'll need to contact Aerosoft support for this. We (Laminar Research, developers of X-Plane) don't have any access to Aerosoft's customer data.
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Hi Webbe06,

Unlike Tyler I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

What did you purchase from Aerosoft?  

If it was a digital version then follow the advice provided by tyler.  

If it was a DVD set then there is no product key.  You have to have Disc 1 inserted in your DVD drive at all times when running X-Plane.  If you don't then it will automatically default you to a demo version with a "run-time" of 10 minutes.  There is a key or code supplied in the DVD boxing but this a "ploy" or "con" to entice you to purchase other Aerosoft packages at a discount rate.  I know because I was caught thinking the code was the product key.

Whatever format of X-Plane you have purchased you need to be connected to the internet.  For the digital download, full time, and the DVD version on a regular basis as XP performs a silent background check to ensure you are running a legal version of the software.  

Good luck.