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My X- Plane retail version was bought at BT Games, Cresta Shopping Centre, Randburg, Johannesburg on 20 September 2014 and I have been unable to install it on my eMachines Laptop as the RAM was only 2Gb. I am pleased to say that the product is now installed on my new Acer Aspire Laptop which has 6GB Ram and 1TRB Hard Drive and sufficient Graphics capability. I would like to install the product on my "Steam Account" but am unable to do so as I do not have a DVD Key. Can you please assist?


Doug Welsh

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Hi Doug,

Glad to hear you can finally use X-Plane on your laptop! Unfortunately, the Steam version of X-Plane is considered an entirely different product. Thus, if you would like to run X-Plane through the Steam client, you would have to purchase another copy through Steam. But you should be able to run X-Plane out of demo mode by just inserting DVD 1 into the disc drive.