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Could you please advise why I am getting this crash.

flight KSNA KVCV on approach to rwy 35 I get the crash with error "fm_indi.cpp:90"

I an using ASXP as one of the plugins. I had disabled ASXP and the crash stopped.

I have contacted HIFI ASXP dev and they have told me its not ASXP thats causing the crash, but maybe something conflicting with it?

Can you please help?

attached is log

thank you 


Took out plugins to try no joy

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Hi Nath4n77

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have looked through you Log.txt file and the first thing that sprang out of the page was the sheer amount of custom scenery files that you have installed!

Why could this be relevant, well in other cases where XP11 simmers have had similar crashes, they too have hundreds of custom scenery files, just like you do, and they too have had a return_is_nan(flt[p0].ax_wrl (fm_indi.cpp:90) message in their Log.txt file.

I'm not suggesting that the custom scenery files are definitely the problem, but it is at least coincidental.

Further, the return_is_nan(flt[p0].ax_wrl (fm_indi.cpp:90) message occurs during the point where ATC is trying to deal with all of the scenery files, posting messages in the Log.txt file such as:-

0:02:58.461 I/ATC: Airport flow changed at KSLI!
CurFlow: AUTOGEN: North NewFlow: AUTOGEN: West
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: Changing KSLI CabState from 0 to 1
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: All departures are done at KSLI. Advancing...
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: Changing KSLI CabState from 1 to 2
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: All arrivals are done at KSLI. Advancing...
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: Changing KSLI CabState from 2 to 0
0:02:58.461 I/ATC: Airport flow changed at KTOA!

The following single message was posted on three separate occasions:-

0:02:58.461 W/ATC: Could not find an appropriate flow at KRIV...attempting to autogen one on the fly
0:02:58.461 W/ATC: Adding autogen'ed flow AUTOGEN: West to the list for KRIV

Whether there is a problem with the KRIV custom scenery file only, or with all of them I'm not sure, but it might be worth cutting and pasting all of your custom scenery files somewhere safe and outside of the XP11 file structure, just to see if anything changes with the 'crash' scenario?

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest?


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Hi thanks mate, that is something i will give a go, thanks for pointing that out,


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ok thanks again, I have removed all of the custom scenery I had edited ( no third party scenery installed)

I removed west coast of us scenery through x plane installer

reinstalled it

deleted the apt.dat

reinstalled apt.dat with xp installer.

And also recieved updated from Hifi to install over ASXP.

And still crashes. Im exhausted, cant think of anything else to try
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If anyone has this error and is running ASXP, disable the Global Static Depiction Mode in settings. This has stopped the crashes in this situation

HIFI ASXP team were extremely helpful and dedicated to helping find the solution, many thanks to them yes

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Hi again

Very glad you managed to get to the bottom of this one, would never have thought of that, but at least will know for another time :-)

Well done and thanks for your scores!