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I have just recently gotten interested in Xplane's VR mode, but I can't for the life of me get it to work. Heres what I've done so far:

Allow Xplane to start Steamvr rather than having it started prior

Remove Flyinsidexp

Remove various files that could be causing a conflict

One thing to note is that I made a fresh install of xp on my desktop and it worked fine. My actual install is on the D drive is over 140GB in size, so moving it onto the smaller capacity C drive is not preferable

Any ideas? I have read multiple forum posts with recommendations but to no avail. Thanks in advance
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I found my solution and I feel pretty stupid for not realizing it. Flyinsidexp has an uninstaller, that I didn't use.

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Hey! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble here! Would you send in your log so that we can take a look? Thanks!
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Sure do you need the log.txt or the crash window log with the email and comment?