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I am flying the SSG 747-8 Freighter, and i want to move around the cockpit quickly using the Keyboard. How do I do it. I have a 27inch 2019 3.1 GHZ intel core i5 and 32 gb ram

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Hi Jim

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

In XP11 that is running on Windows 10, all you do is navigate around the cockpit with your mouse cursor and arrow keys as necessary to find the view your looking for and press the Ctrl key on your keyboard, simultaneously with a number on your keyboard number pad (not the numbers above the QWERTY keys) i.e. Ctrl0 or Ctrl1 etc.

Obviously there is only 10 preconfigured views that you can get this way, but I see no reason why this should not work on your MAC keyboard, assuming that it has a number pad on the right hand side? If not, then you may have to purchase another USB keyboard that does!

Hope I have understood your question correctly?