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hello, my first control work fine but the co pilot doesn't work pitch neither roll. If i select on the other the first one quit work.  In other words it only work with one control. How do i make it work both at the same time?


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Hi jose,

Can you please be as specific as possible? Please list what you are trying step by step. For example, I do not know if you are trying to use two joysticks, or just use the mouse to control both the pilot & co-pilot controls.
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Hello I'm using two jokes saitek. pilot and copilot. I already try it on the settings for roll and pitch, but when I put roll in one of the joke it cancel the other one.

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No, using two joysticks or yokes on the same computer running one instance of X-Plane will not work. X-Plane can only recognize one roll setting per computer for example. There may be a plugin out there that will work around it, but it is not possible in the default simulator.