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I made a three surface airplane in XP11.25 by adding a wing object ahead of the CG and designating it an elevator. The control surface on the canard operates in opposition to that on the tail, as it should, but is always trimmed to create downforce no matter what I do. In flight, trimming to maximum nose up makes it just about neutral, with lots of downforce on the tail.

If I increase the canard angle of attack to get more lift, its elevator deflects to create more downforce, negating the angle increase. I know it makes negative lift by looking the lift vectors during flight. If I remove the elevator control on the canard, I can see positive lift on that surface.

The canard should be creating lift and unloading the tail when it contains an elevator control surface. Please let me know how this can be done.

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If you make them different elevators, it works. I made the tail is elevator1 and the canard elevator2.
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Keep at it - I fly a canard pusher LongEz in X-Plane 11.  I put a Garmin 530 on the panel, and love flying it.  Just finished IVAO East Coast VFR tour Leg 10 today from Cape Hatteras KHSE to Wilmington KILM (NC, USA).

This is the aircraft I based my plane on:  Rutan LongEZ with fuel injected IO-235

It flew ok, but I wanted to bring it up to X-Plane 11 compliance so I redid the panel with r11 compliant FMS/GPS and generally redid the whole panel.  I cruise at 140 KIAS (with the nose wheel retracted of course). 

LongEZ N0TEZ Panel for X-Plane 11