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What am I doing wrong or is there something missing? I have attached the log file to see if it gives any ideas..


Thank you,


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Thank you!!. I went in and opened the preference folder and deleted content...restarted install and it still hangs. I am installing xplane to a separate ssd and have never had this issue before. Will keep working on it... :)

Thank you.....maybe they'll hurry with 10.50 and maybe i'll get lucky.. Take care..


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Hi Robert,

Is this a new issue with a new install or have you used X-Plane successfully before?

If this isn't new, trying moving the preferences folder to the desktop & restart to see if it helps.

If this is a new install, my best guess right now is the install location. If X-Plane is not installed to the desktop on Windows systems, there tend to be problems with accessing files and messed up permissions.

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