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What is the landing speed of the Airbus A320 and also the Boeing 777-200 ER in knots? And how do I prevent bumpy landings in x-plane mobile? Please help

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Hi there,

There isn't a specific answer to your question because a lot of factor play into your landing speed such as weight (the heavier you are the faster you go), elevation, weather conditions such as wind gusts, and also flap settings.

Typical landing speed for an A320 is around 130kts to 140kts but again that depends on those following factors.

For a Boeing 777-200ER

These are landing speeds for all Boeing Aircraft

As for landings in the mobile version, make sure your speed is consistent, check for weather conditions, check your altitude, and make sure you are at the right speed for each flap setting. I haven't played the mobile version but I'll do that then get back to you.