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I have enjoyed the X-plane demo on an iPad but find the accelerometer-based controls over-sensitive.  It will not run on my elderly PC.   I want to get a MAC, but will X-plane run on a MAC with the above spec.  I note that Laminar's recommended spec includes a separate graphics card but the Apple shop staff have told me the Retina display with the 2.8 ghz quad-core i5 and on board Intel Iris Pro 6200 will be more than good enough.  Is this true?  If not, what do I need as a minimum in a MAC?  What spec MAC do the Laminar developers use? Thanks in anticipation.  Colin (retired pilot in the UK).

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You're going to be pretty underwhelmed by the Intel graphics. Yes, it will run... No, it will not look great. At the minimum, I suggest looking at an iMac with a dedicated graphics card. Unfortunately, this isn't available on *any* of the 21.5-inch models in the current generation of iMacs---you have to look at the 27 inch models, which come equipped with graphics cards ranging from the Radeon R9 M380 up to the Radeon R9 M395X.

For what it's worth, I work on a late 2013 iMac with Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics, and X-Plane looks pretty good (but, unfortunately, not as good as if I were using a Windows machine that cost a comparable amount---simply because the iMacs have used the *laptop* versions of graphics cards for a long time now, rather than the much more powerful *desktop* versions of graphics cards).
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Thanks Tyler - very helpful - have ordered a similar setup to yours.  Colin