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I'm trying to import our terrain data(geotiff format) into XPlane using MeshTool.

But an error comes up whenever trying.


this is the instance of my trying.

D:\meshtool>meshtool 1.txt d:\meshtool\+30+120\+37+127.xes moonsan_cp.tif d:\meshtool\+30+120 d:\meshtool
Trying file: moonsan_cp.tif
Opened TIF file.
Corners: 126.850109006927,37.828173258927   126.980114006927,37.828173258927   126.850109006927,37.939143258927   126.980114006927,37.939143258927
Image is: 2890x2467, samples: 1, depth: 32, format: 3
Error: east edge of DEM and XES data do not match.  DEM is: 127.000000, XES is: 128.000000
(1.txt: line 0.)

1.txt is empty.

I don't understand what the error says.

What is the problem?

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