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dear support team,

I am trying for some time now to integrate elevation data into a DSF-file. First I tried it with Meshtool but the resolution wasn't enough and thenI tried it with the DSFtool. It appears that neither of them can deal with decimal values. Is that correct? (In the code of DSFtool it says otherwise, but its somehow not working )

Everytime I want to integrate my elevation data with decimal values the resulting DSF-file has no decimal values and my simulation doesn't get as accurate as I want it to be.

Does someone know how I can integrate such data into a DSF-file?

Thank you very very much!

Miguel W.

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MeshTool cannot do sub-meter elevations right now.

DSF2Text cannot currently do sub-meter elevations due to limits of the tool (not limits of X-Plane), but it -can- do sub-meter elevations if you are passing elevations via a raster DEM file and not per-vertex data.

You would do this by using scaled raster data over a smaller vertical range - if you don't need 65k meters of elevation range, you can scale down the vertical span to get better resolution, and use the scale and offset parameters of RASTER_DATA to specify how the data is mapped back to floating point in the sim.
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And how is the offset defined?

Is there any chance to integrate own elevation data with decimal values into X-Plane without using a raster(DEM)-file?

Thank you very much!