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Thanks for the suggestion.

I understand at least I would be able to turn off a light that was turned on.  The down side is that the switch handle would only be in the correct physical position only every other switch cycle. First time switch handle up - light goes on. Switch handle down does nothing happens. Second time up light turns off. Again switch handle down does nothing.

Just FYI, I work for a company that makes Integrated Avionics Computers (IAC). Digital inputs on these are fully configurable to either detect either low to high/high to low transitions, or active low/active high states, open collector/open drain.  

I'm not expecting this sort of flexibility but being able to also detect by state instead of only by off->on transitions would be a real saver on hardware switch resources.  In many cases by 50%.  It only would required a tweak to the Buttons:Adv page to achieve it and would then be closer to real-world aircraft configurability.  X-plane already has the state information as is indicated by the check marks it places on the Adv page for each switch.  It just doesn't provide the user a way to utilize it.

But again, thanks for the suggestion.


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