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Hello all. I recently connected up a controller for additional control buttons in X-plane.  X-plane, however, takes simple digital input buttons and assigns them to an analog type input. These buttons show up in the 'Axis' tab under Joystick & Equipment.  Of course, they still work like a digital button, full on or full off. I'm baffled as to why they appear here instead of under the buttons category. Any idea of how to modify this... or shame on me for trying to use a cheap controller? Thanks!

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That is a very strange situation I haven't heard of before. This sounds like a bug. Please attach a screenshot of the joystick axis screen where you see this issue and a copy of your log.txt from the main X-Plane folder. 

For now, you might be able to work around it by setting those button axes to "none" so that X-Plane doesn't use them. Try setting up the button assignments like usual and see if that helps.