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I want to get xplane 10 for Mac but either the disc, usb and digital download. What are the differences ? And do they run on internet

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A full copy of X-Plane is only included with the digital download or DVD set. The USB key is simply to unlock X-Plane from demo mode if you have DVDs and don't want to leave it in the disc drive. It contains no scenery and will not allow you to install the sim.

I would recommend the digital download if you don't have a DVD drive or don't want to pay shipping. If you don't have a reliable internet connection I would recommend the DVDs because X-Plane has to reauthorize the digital download approx. every two weeks.

The only time X-Plane needs internet access is to reauthorize digital download or to use online multiplayer (such as VATSIM).
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Gents, I have a similar situation:
I run a DVD install on my desktop with the USB key to boot with.
However, for my upcoming travel plans, I want to install to a laptop I have---older, but a decent gaming laptop if I run X-Plane at lower settings, which is ok for temp.
BUT, its DVD drive is busted, and not worth the bucks to repair.

So I thought to download the DVD-less download version and install that way.
The Demo runs fine but the question is how to get it unlocked to the full open version??

So to clarify, is it that the USB key does not work with the download version, and ONLY with the DVD version??
Must i purchase an all new $60 license for the download version to unlock??

At a certain point soon I might be willing to pop for the extra $60 license, but it seems a waste of money if it's not necessary.

What say you to these version differences?
Thanks in advance.
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The USB key will work with the digital download but is unnecessary as its only function is to unlock X-Plane from demo mode without the DVD in the drive. Digital download does that by authorizing your product key online.

If you already own the DVDs, please send me a private message with proof of purchase (receipt, pic of DVD set, etc). We occasionally offer a discount to buy a second copy as digital download.
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Dear JRoberts,
Did you get my private msg?? Still awaiting any reply. I also sent email to [email protected] to try to resolve my dilemma, but no answer anywhere.
I love X-Plane with all my loyalty, but must I pop for another license to get the Download version Key?
I can give my email for further dialogue...
Please respond if you can.
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Hi C,

I tried to email you but also got no response. Maybe an email typo?

You can contact me at [email protected] If you're interested in getting a copy of digital download and you already have the DVDs, please include a pic of the set or copy of your receipt.