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Hello, I have had X-Plane 10 on my Macbook pro for some time. Just recently, every time I load up a flight the whole screen shakes violently. This is not the same shakes that people post with objects or the aircraft shaking. When I try to move my viewing it jars me back or in all directions. Also this is not the "Cinema Verite" I have checked and its not that. I have also tried the "Flight Models per frame" from 02 - 06. This did not fix it.

I recently bought the DFW scenery from thinking it was a file bug. I deleted the file and it still jars and shakes.

Please Help!

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Hi ahaskett,

Have you tried all the suggestions in this post? Likely culprits are messed up preferences, plugins, or third party scenery. Try downloading a new, clean demo and see if it continues to happen.