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I would appreciate it if you could point us In the right direction to get some tech support with our xplane install.  We purchased xplane about a month ago and have been trying to install it on our PC but keep running into a driver error we cant fix.  I have attached the log file and the following details regarding the PC specs.

The error message is “this program requires at least open GL 2.0”

Have tried installing it with an NVidia 750ti and 1050ti, both give the same errors

Both are listed as supported by GPU

Installed latest drivers for both

Uninstalled and re-installed software

Run with admin privileges

Installed drivers directly and third party

Running windows 7 professional

Intel i7 processor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You might have to uninstal then completely remove any traces of the nvidia driver, before installing it again. Sometimes traces of an older driver can interfere with a new one. Use Driver Sweeper from here:

Also look at this:
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thankyou for the help.  unfortunately, although we tried it a couple of times the same error regarding the opengl 2.0 still comes up when trying to install xplane 10.  any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The second or third solution in this video might help.