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I have not played x-plane 10 in a while, and I ran the x-plane updater ( there were no updates available ), before I tried to launch the game. the game loads fine, I can select my aircraft and airport etc, but when it loads and I should be viewing my plane cockpit, all I see is a blue screen. My computer doesn't crash, and I can hear the audio, and can select the menu options at the top of the screen. I have tried several things including upgrading graphics drivers, changed various display settings, ran as administrator, tried the 32-bit .exe file.......Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem and might know of a cure. My computer details are below

Windows 10 64 bit- Latest update installed

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 + GTX 680 dedicated to PhysX. ( I have tried disabling both, and running separately )

16gigs of ram


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Please....if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I love X-plane, and have tried everything I can think of to solve my problem. This is my last resort

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Looks like X-Plane is not installed to the desktop. Here's a great post on why this is important & how to move/fix it. This situation can cause all kinds of weird problems. Please try moving your install to the desktop and see if that fixes the issue.

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Thank you for the reply jroberts

I ended up purchasing another copy of x-plane 10. This time it was the steam version. I only have limited bandwidth where I live, and this chewed into it, but this version works fine. I just hope I can move my old purchased aircraft mods to the steam version. Have not tried it yet.

Thanks again