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Hi there,

I have a use case that is a bit out of bounds and I would appreciate if someone at XPlane could help.

I am the developper of an EFB application for pilots (real planes, no pun intended) and after much tinkering, I am now in need for a proper testing set up.

My plan was to use a simulation app such as XPlane and feed the GPS position from the simulator to the mobile device (Android now , iOS soon) over Bluetooth (the Mac+Xplane would be seen as a Bluetooth enabled GPS by the mobile device).

As it been done or can it work ?

Anything needed on the Mac beside the software ?

I am not after a lot of details (would actually hardly look at the game) but does XPlane work on Macbook Pro 13' from 2015 ?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

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Hi JM,

Double check your system against our requirements here. You'll probably be ok with low rendering settings if you aren't adding a lot of extras to the sim. You can download the demo and check it out.

You can send data between X-Plane and other applications. After you install X-Plane, check the Instructions folder for the "Sending Data to X-Plane" doc with more info. The X-Plane Developer site has additional technical docs and information you might find useful.

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Hi J,

just to clarify I do not want to send data to XPlane, I want the other way around, send the GPS signal from XPlane to a bluetooth device.


Do you think the doc will have this covered ?
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Despite its title, it does cover sending to and from X-Plane. I've attached a copy of it so you can check it out yourself too, to see if it helps.


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