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outside of the deer running across the runway n vor cross country, it seems like the iPad version is either-full of bugs n glitches, or some1 was high when they approved this upgrade. Bitchin Betty want shut up, even after you've done what your spose to have done, mainly LANDING GEAR. warning alerts want go off, even though I'm flying normally, or what I use to think was normal. Positive rate is almost non existent. The speedometer in  'stormy cross country' goes up n down like its on crack, I have to turn down the volume jus to play it, bc of all the stuff goin off, n I'm flying it, the exact same way I was b4 the upgrade. I checked how long it took to get to 10k feet on 'infinite flight' and at 250mph, it took a little less than 2 minutes, I can't rem3mber the climb rate, but it was def with in normal flight parameters. Same climb n xplane took about 10 mins

This can't be right, I can barely fly ne of the challenges I've aced b4, between 95-100.

Cmon, gimme back my xplane! Leave the deer though, very cool.


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I have been having problems with X-plane mobile as well.  I found out they are creating an update to fix that stuff soon.
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Thx. Glad to hear it! Hope it drops soon.
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Me too... Noticed the deer do not walk, or run normally? They step, followed by a scooting movement. Entertaining to watch. Have a great weekend.
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Same here....
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Hi X-plane Mobile Users,

I am not associated with Laminar Research in any manner.

I received an email from Laminar Research in the last few day advising the release of version 10.3 for Mobile users.

My suggestion is list your name on their email list so you get the latest information about version releases and check out the X-plane website under downloads for the version you require ie Android or Apple/Mac.

I also suggest if you have a problem with the pests ie the deer, log a fault with Laminar Research through their appropriated areas rather than through this forum using language as displayed and subsequently supported in the original forum question.