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I have a problem with the auto pilote on X-plane mobile,  I can't contrĂ´le only the hdg or the altitude separatly, both are automaticly controled.

Is it a bug or my device ?

Thank you.


Edit : I forget, it is with the Cessna 172SP plane and X-Plane 10.4.1(69) and IOS 10.1.1 on my Ipad air

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Hi Romain,

I may need more details on how you're using the autopilot. The control buttons that are in the right side pullout drawer just hold whatever altitude, pitch or heading you were using when you tapped them.

Now that the C172 has full manipulators in the cockpit, there could be problems using the autopilot that way. If you can explain exactly what you did, step by step, we can investigate more.
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Hello jroberts,

I can give you more informations, the problem is with the manipulators in the cockpit, the right side pullout works correctly.


In the cockpit, when I press the HDG button on the AP, the auto pilote drive both heading and pitch, the yoke do not move any more when I move my device, and the plane drive on the HDG selected with the bug and continue going up. I try press the HDG button with the pitch on 0 but it is the same.


Tell me if you want more informations.

Thank you for your investigations.