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I was expecting far more landmarks with the new release.  Is there a reason the scenery cannot interface with Google Earth or is that a copyright nightmare?  I would like to be able to see stadium

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I think it would probably be a copyright nightmare, as you said. I know we can't use Google Maps images in scenery (for orthophotos) due to the copyright.

Default X-Plane does not have much in the way of landmarks. The improved skyscrapers are part of the autogen system, which means they're generic buildings. But they have more variety in height and density now.
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I live in St. Louis - Still No Arch.

I am on version 11.32 and am kind of disappointed.  St. Louis is a true Gateway to the western US.  Charles Lindbergh got his big start here, his plane was named the Spirit of St. Louis which should count for something in Aviator History.

Just recreated his route to Paris this month.  They have the Eiffel Tower in France, but no Arch in St. Louis.  We in St. Louis have been waiting a long time.

Thanks - Kitt