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Today I download the last update of X-Plane 10, I have an iMac with the latest operating system. When I open the simulator it won't go beyond the screen in which one chooses airport, aircraft, weather and time and then go to fly. The tab the enables on to fly does not respond to the mouse click. I always had to turn off the computer as it remains in a sort of idle state.

Please, What should I do to be able to fly again.




Ramón E. Rolando



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I have the same problem on my imac.  After upgrading to 10.50r3, X-plane freezes during loading, and if I can get through this process, usually after many attempts, then I cannot access the top menu bar to change aircraft or airports.


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I have the same problem with my Mac
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Both "fjdubon"and I share the same problem. His comment is exactly what he meant so I would like to ask someone in the technical team in  Laminar to help us out with this issue. Thanks

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