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Looking at my Log.txt I see
Private-message parse, RECV label=BECN, len=23
time=  6970.5, RECV label=BECN from IP=, length after packaging removal=23

Followed by
WE ARE SENDING     0.00 kilo-bytes per second (1,200 kilo-bytes per second is a low-end LAN)
WE ARE RECEIVING   0.06 kilo-bytes per second (1,200 kilo-bytes per second is a low-end LAN)

I'm not sure what this is checking, but as you'll see from the first section this is identified by the number 6970, which is how many instances of this statement appear in the Log, yes 6970 entries. A search online suggests UDP Port 49707 is used by the BEACON routine from XplaneConnect.

As far as I'm aware I do not have a low-end LAN.....
Can anyone shed any light on this? Suggest how I can resolve this?

This section is immediately followed by this line
frame=   0 OGL=  0.000 CPU=  0.000, GPU=  0.000
Which is repeated 1516 times.

Any help in understanding this behaviour is appreciated. Thanks

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I think this may be to do with the Live Traffic Plugin

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