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If you would like to have a representation of the area of 180x40 degrees can have it with a classic license or professional license do I need?
What I recommended equipment needed for such a view? (Just one computer or there is a need for more detailed and is somewhere about the setup?)

Thank Milos

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Hi Milos,

I have no connection with XforcePC and Laminar Research and I am a newby to the product just like you.

XforcePc is the recommended PC supplier in the USA by Laminar Research (developers of X-plane).

Have a look at some of the newer videos from Michael Brown (XforcePC) in which he discusses how you can create your cockpit view/vision to 210 degrees.  The relevant video is one of his latest.  You may have to look through a number of videos to find the relevant information.  If you view them all there is other useful information as well.

There is also an older video discussing how you can change the cockpit view to 180 degrees.

Both videos discuss the need to have 3 screens linked as one.  You can use either TV screens or monitors.  If you go down the 3 screen method make sure you have the same size, make and model screens. Don't mix and or match.  To ensure they are EXACTLY the same you need to purchase the 3 units at the one time.  If purchasing monitors and can afford the addition cost make sure they have the Free-Sync (AMD) or G-Sync (Nvidea) capability to improve the screen alignment between adjoining screens.  I made the mistake a couple of years back and purchased a fast (1 ms refresh rate) single 27" monitor with the view to purchase another 2 monitor in due course.  I have since found out that the model I purchased is no longer available and research tells me they need to be the same.  Whatever you purchase don't go down the 4K screen type line.  X-plane cannot handle this type of screen.  Refer to others having problems in this Q&A forum and also see the video from Michael on the same topic.   

If you are intending to purchase a new computer or upgrade I strongly suggest using a Nvidea video card instead of an AMD card.  I think Michael discusses and or mentions ,as a throw away comment, the use of card types in one of his videos.  I know that the three screens can be linked either through Windows or the Nvidea driver setup as a single screen.  Have no idea about Mac (Apple) systems and or AMD video cards.

Use the following link to view the videos

Hope this helps.


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The computer I have featured NVIDIA GTX 1080 I have 3 monitors (now different to the test, then buy the same), but it fails to set, do not get more than 170 degrees even when it's setting is not applicable, send images what and how I should set .