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I have only just installed X plane 10 on Windows 7 and every time i try and start it up it loads up two copies of x plane and then gives me a message saying you have two copies of x plane installed even though i have never used x plane before other than today. I have searched for the other copy of X plane but i have found no other copy.

Please help

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Double check that X-Plane is installed on the desktop. The desktop is the default install location because installing it anywhere else can cause strange issues, possibly like this one.
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it is on my desktop in the X plane folder is that ok?
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These are the messages what i received when i tried to update it.

Which copy of X plane would you like to update C:\Users/User/Desktop/X-Plane 10
Or          C:\Users/User/Desktop/

Does this have any relevance to my initial question?
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Perhaps the process of installing and especially going from demo to full purchased program should have better warnings/explanations on-screen.
For example I tried the demo - putting it in a partition and then bought the key/full download but it wasn't made clear that it should be on desktop(I don't normally put anything there) or that it is better to download the full prog rather than let the demo expand.
Now I know this I will move it to desktop but have I ruined anything by expanding just the demo?