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Hi....again, I thank you for getting back to me so quickly yesterday...:).  However, I tried a few times to order the USB key but was unsuccessful  due to credit card issues....yet, I used my card later the same afternoon to order stuff from Amazon....so, don't know what's going on.....what I'll do is contact the card folks and try to resolve the matter so that I can get that key.......

Again, thanks for your help on your side of things.... :)

All the best,


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Hi Paul,

I wasn't able to reproduce this issue... (My test purchase with a Visa went through just fine.)

What type of credit card were you using? Do you have another card you could try?
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Hi Tyler...success :)   it all worked fine this time.....perhaps, originally, I made a transposition error...or whatever.....nevertheless, all is fine now and the order is complete.....but again, thank you so much for the excellent customer service :) and best wishes for the Christmas season.....    Paul
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Excellent, glad to hear you got it working! :)

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