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I've noticed recently that my fps has gone shit, and I just noticed that it's after I updated it when I say it's gone down I mean 19-25 fps. I have like 37 gig avail on my computer and my computer is slightly slow (again it only went slow recently, around the time of the update)
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If you're on windows 10 then it is most likely the last three updates. See here


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In general, a given rendering setting in X-Plane will impact *either* the CPU or the GPU (i.e., the graphics card). Your overall framerate will be limited by whichever of those two is most heavily loaded.

So, my recommendation would be: check and make sure you're not bottlenecked on either your CPU or GPU. The rendering options portions of the manual should give you an indication of which settings affect the CPU versus GPU. Likewise, the section on tuning the rendering options for best performance may be of use---it will walk through turning down all the rendering options to start with, then slowly turning things up until you find the best setting for your machine.

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