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I don't understand well how it Works...

I have found this information.


struct iset_struct{
xint index; // (0->20 in the lsit below)
xchr str_ipad_them[16]; // IP's we are sending to, in english
xchr str_port_them[6]; // ports are easier to work with in STRINGS!
xint use_ip ;}; // to use this option, 0 not to.

IP of multiplayer1=0
IP of multiplayer19=18

IP of master this is exteranl viewpoint=27
IP of master this is cockpit=28
IP of master this is external any=29
IP of master this is IOS=30
IP of IOS=50
IP of data receiver=52


Could you explaning me it better?



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I'm having problems using this structure too, if somebody could enlighten us...

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