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It is very confusing to setup...the view, throttle, switches on yoke, general stuff.    After I open x-plane, select the Cessna 172, then I go to options and get lost.     Need help getting it setup pls

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We have a quick start guide in the manual that is designed to get you flying as quickly as possible. This section covers setting up equipment

I would recommend that you at least calibrate the yoke axes. Other than that, you can leave customizing buttons for later once you're more familiar with the simulator. Most of the important functions (brakes, flaps, etc) are already assigned to default keys. Here is a pdf guide to the most basic default keys you can print out to have on hand if it helps.

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In addition, if you are confused with the rendering options screen, I suggest using the Presets buttons near the bottom right of the window. Try a couple to see what flies/looks the best to you.
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See also the question above about reverse thrust - happy flying!
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Thank you very much.  I will give it a try.   If I can't figure it out is there a step by step configuration for beginners?
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Is there someone I can reach/pay to help with a quick setup?    How do I save the setup after I got it the way I want?
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Once you have it set up, it will save automatically when you exit X-Plane normally. Note your changes do NOT save if the program crashes.

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