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If you are lucky blindly clicking around on the panel, the 10.5 screen mouse triggers still work, you just can't see where the mouse pointer is at any given time.  Movement/adjustment of any part of the software is nearly impossible.

I have twice erased the "preferences" file found inside the "output" directory without any effect on resolving the problem.

Thank you for any help or insight you're casually able to offer.

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Hi PeytonPlace,

I have not seen any other bug reports or posts about this issue. If deleting the preferences isn't helping, maybe it's time to look outside of X-Plane? Does your mouse have drivers that need to updated, or uninstalled? 

The only known issue is with the Apple trackpad and X-Plane.

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Hi J.Roberts - 

Not knowing where to find where mouse drivers were nested, it was quicker for me to buy and install a new wireless mouse certified to work with Windows 10.  It made no difference.

Would any of the Video Card detail shown below possibly give rise to any remediative intuitions?

X-Plane is perfect for me.  I am desperate to get past this little technical hang-up!  Thank you for electing to stay engaged in helping me. 

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Here's the last tech panel of the Video Card

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The next update (10.51) will be available today. Please try it and see if it helps your issue at all. If not, please post a copy of your log.txt. Start X-Plane, quit, and immediately attach the log.txt from the main folder.
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imageDownload file

Unless there is a way to access the update module of X-Plane other than from the "Top-Line Menu" (About / About X-Plane), neither yesterday or today there indicates that 10.51 is available.

I'll keep looking, but, for whatever value it might represent, here's the current Log.txt file.


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10.51 is out as a beta. Run the installer, pick update, and check the box to get betas.
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Hi J.R......

FYI an unexpected development this morning solved this issue.

I had intellectually surrendered and last night decided to just buy another video card & try some/anything different to just stab at any chance of having some/anything different.

Meanwhile, early this morning Windows 10 system software was remotely/automatically updated.  When I woke the system up, whatever Microsoft had systemically addressed, brought the mouse's performance back from it's extended "vacation" vis-a-vis X-Plane & Microsoft's interconnectivity.

I functionally know little more than "diddle" about the "jigg-A-hertz" world you & your intellectual kin survive & thrive in, but intuitively thought the above awareness might possibly benefit your ongoing digital affairs.

Either way, the issue is solved and thank you graciously for your role played...mcf
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I'm glad to hear it's fixed. We've been hearing about a LOT of problems since the Windows 10 anniversary update was rolled out. Unfortunately, when the issues are with the Operating System and not X-Plane, there's very little we can do to "fix" it.