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After having been given clearance to take off, ATC then says hold at runway after I'm already airbourne.

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I don't see a log.txt uploaded so I can't be sure, but are you positive ATC was talking to you? If you have any AI aircraft enabled it could have been giving them instructions instead. They all show up in the same place and can be heard if the sound is enabled.
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Thank you for the answer but no, that's not the cause. Today I was trying another flight, different aircraft, different airport, checked the aircraft ID when it did the same thing. I acknowledged but it cancelled my IFR because I was flying when it said I shouldn't be even though I had been given take off clearance. There's something very wrong with this.
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I think I've seen that before when the taxi route X-Plane expected me to take was kind of silly. I think I turned onto the runway before it expected me too (cut off the turn too soon).

You can check what route ATC expects if you have DataRefEditor. You can try setting the art control atc/debug/routing to 1 and reloading the airport. Colored lines will show up for what the ATC expects you to fly.