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When I try to use the ATC, I keep getting taxi instructions to the start of the runway, then I get take off clearance and once down the runway, I receive new taxi instructions.  If I take off anyway, the ATC terminates.  In other words, the ATC keeps making be go round in  circles.  What might be the cause of this?

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If you are not using an airport with hand-drawn WED taxi routes, most likely the auto generated route the ATC expects you to follow is wacky. It may not be be very realistic or sensible, but if you deviate too much from it (as common sense would tell you to) ATC will cancel on you.

If you have dataref editor you can see the taxi routes by setting atc/debug/routing to 1 to see if the route makes sense or not.

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Many thanks for your help.  This worked for me.