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Please explain me how to set another default airport and airplane. I am using x-plane 10.50 r3 on an iMac.

Regards, Jos Schnitzler


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You can pick a plane and airport at launch if you have the Quick Flight screen enabled. Go to File > Quick Flight Setup and check the box in the bottom right corner to have it show on start up.

Otherwise, X-Plane will remember the plane & airport you were closest to at quit and start you there again.
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It did exactly what you wrote, but unfortunately without any succes. If I restart the program, a plane, not the one from my last flight, always starts at KSEA. Please be so kind and try  explain me what is wrong.

Regards, Ebanista (Jos)
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If it is NOT remembering the last set up you had, please check that you are saving preferences. Go to Settings > Operations and warnings  & check that "discard changes to preferences" is NOT checked.