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Apparently, buyers of the digital download edition of X-Plane 10 will receive X-Plane 11 for free. Well, I didn't buy that one, but I purchased the v10 Global edition on DVD back in 2013, when the digital download edition didn't even exist yet. If it had, I certainly would have preferred that version over shipping my DVDs across the Atlantic Ocean where so many things can go wrong with the package before it arrives in Germany. And now I won't even get v11 because I bought v10 a few months too early? Unless I buy it AGAIN?

I do hope this policy will get changed, otherwise I won't ever buy anything from this company again for sure.

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All due respect, Estelyen, you said you purchased back in 2013. Since you didn't purchase a few "months" early, but you purchased a few years early, there is not a reason for you to get a discount. Only buyers of the digital download ***within the last two months*** get a free copy of X-Plane 11, not all buyers of the digital download. :)

EDIT: I understand you thought that all digital download holders got the free upgrade. This is not the situation, in which case, I totally understand what your concern was.

*I am not affiliated with Laminar Research.
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Ok, I did'nt know that. Must have missed it or something. If that's really the case, it makes a lot more sense as a business model.

I wasn't trying to stretch the truth or anything. I have no idea when the digital download edition became available, but I remember clearly being surprised in 2013 that there wasn't one, so I assumed it must've been released shortly thereafter. Combined with me thinking that ALL buyers of it would get the new version for free, that made me angry of course. Wasn't trying to sound like a little entitlement kiddo (I really hate those to be honest), I just thought that business model was unfair. If what you say is true, I completely agree that it isn't and withdraw my complaint.
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Glad we cleared the up! And glad I could help out. I can certainly see how unfair it would have been if all purchasers of the digital download got the free upgrade. That would be strange. :) 

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I bought X-plane 10 last april. Do I get any discount on buying X-plane 11?
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I'm also in the same boat as you guys. I got my XP10 DVD's in February so I'm wondering if I can get  XP11 for free or get a discount at least .
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To both of you... listen, I am not affiliated with Laminar Research, but why would you get the new simulator for free? Just because you own X-Plane 10? Not to sound hostile, but before May of this year, nobody even really knew about the foreseeable possibility of X-Plane 11. By May, we had an idea, and by this October, it was official. Any purchases before then are solid, done-deal purchases of X-Plane 10 as if there were no X-Plane 11. X-Plane 11 is a new simulator, not just an "update" from 10.xx.

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