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I purchased xplane 10.5 on steam Oct 1 this year.  At the time i did not even know there was an 11 on the way.  Will i have to pay the full price (i hear $80) for 11 or will i get some form of discount since i bought it so recently?

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Unfortunately, the combo package we are offering on X-Plane.com is only valid with V10 digital download purchases made on that site. Purchases made through Steam or other vendors will not be eligible.
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How far back on the Digital Download purchase is the offer good for. So if I purchased the DL in mid Sept will I still be able to get the upgrade for free.


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If your order for a Digital Download copy of X-Plane 10 was placed at X-Plane.com within four weeks before our announcement of the V10 + 11 combo package (that is, your order was placed Sept 9th through October 8th, 2016), please e-mail info@x-plane.com directly after V11 is officially released (this holiday season) with a full copy of your v10 receipt.

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