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Is there any PC requirements for the recently announced X-Plane 11? I will be building a new PC soon, so I want to wait out for the recommend specs before proceed with any build.

Also, is the API different from version 10?


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Hi Jake,

We're still hammering out the exact system requirements. Rest assured they will be announced on as soon as we know them!
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Thanks for your answer!

Do you know if the API will remain the same?

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Any plugins or planes designed for v10 will remain compatible with v11. Anything designed for v9 will probably need some updating.
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Thank you for that! Just coding some software to interact with the X-Plane software with our hardware. Looking forward to testing/trying it out!
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I've put together a spec which I can hopefully get you to give a nod on. I know you're currently still 'hammering' out the requirements, but your gut feeling is all I need before I order:


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Hello X-Plane Support!

I have already bought X-Plane 11 license key, and I have the same dilemma like Jake. Unfortunately, I canno wait and I have to build a new PC in next 2 weeks, which will be before official XP11 release.

I would greatly appreciate if you could at least unofficially comment on the hardware requirements.

I DO understand that any such comments will not necessarily be accurate, and will most likely change. I would be fine with any disclaimers you would attach to them. In my position (and I am sure there are many more people like myself) even an inaccurate information or estimate is way better than none.

Even any basic comments or expectation or gut feelings would be helpful; such as:

   -  recommended GB of RAM

   -  recommended processor speed of the CPU thread and its L1 cache size per core or thread if multithreading is supported, where the main X-Plane simulation process runs

   -  number of CPU cores, or threads if multithreading is supported, which can be utilized apart from the main thread.

   -  recommended graphics card specs (VRAM, performance, frequency, cores)

Thank you for your help!

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Well then, with all due disclaimers that this is in no way official and I cannot be held responsible for any purchases made based on my opinion....

The minimum and recommended specs have not yet been announced but it is clear that you will need a high-end, gaming-level, desktop (preferably) machine to run X-Plane 11 at high settings. The more powerful and capable the better. You can certainly use X-Plane 10's recommended specs as a baseline and then try to upgrade specific items, such as your video card, as much as your budget will allow.

No one can predict the future, so we can only design X-Plane with the current operating systems, graphics capabilities, etc, in mind. So in general if you try to buy the best that your budget will allow right now you will be better prepared when we do have official specs.
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Thanks you jroberts! I've passed our order to procurement. Looking forward to setting it up.
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So i already got my Gaming-laptop with the idea of purchasing x-plane 10. I am intrested in buying the 10 with the 11 when it comes out. But i've got just 2gb of vram an 16gb of ram so i don't know if that will be enough. If i order the x-plane 11 now and it doesn't run well enough on my computer when i try it, would it be possible to block the digital key and get one for going back to xplane 10 again?

I can't upgrade the individual computer parts.

(i believe that as soon xplane 11 comes out you wont have xplane 10 accesibility with this product anymore.)
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Well, Brandtair,

For future reference, 2gb VRAM for X-Plane 10 should be fine (in my experiences, at least). Being the nature of X-Plane 11, one can anticipate that at high settings, greater than 2GB VRAM can easily be used. You'd have to adjust settings accordingly.