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I recently upgraded to X-plane 10.40, and my C2 Pro yoke stopped working, I have tried contacting PFC but with no joy. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and could help me to solve the issue.

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Hi Ellieb,

I could use some more information about your set up--what OS, etc.

We have been seeing a lot of issues on this forum about issues with El Capitan, X-Plane, and USB devices.  Such as: devices are recognized by OSX itself but not in X-Plane, there is no response and in the calibration menu no movement of all axis. Unplug/plug in all devices and re-calibrate them. This seems to be working so far, although I'm sure it is annoying if you fly a lot.

I have also heard that if there is a device control manager it can also cause problems. If you can provide your system information and specific steps of what you have tried and the results, we can continue to trouble shoot this bug.
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I am currently running  an Alienware i7 6G Ram, EVGA GTX 780/3GB SC.

It seem like the driver version for the C2 Pro is as follows:

C2 Pro Device 0x1002: Version 4.04 (06/25/2012)
        Slave count: 0

I have tried moving the C2 to other USB slots to no avail, I know the unit is working because I can test all of its functionality with the Hardware and calibration test software which was deliverd with the unit, see version below:

PFC Hardware clibration version (Feb 23 2013 at 15;58:11)

I feel there is an issue with the driver.

I also use the CH Pro Pedals and Sim Avio’s touch panel, and do not have any issues with these.